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Ambi Climate Mini

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Small yet Powerful.

No professional installation or drilling required. Simply find the perfect position in line of sight of your AC and ensure your Wi-Fi and Internet are active. Then, it's as easy as 1-2-3.

Control anywhere, anytime

Look after your home by adjusting and monitoring your AC & heat pump from anywhere. The free Ambi Climate app gives you complete control.

Make your home smarter

Ambi Climate can be voice controlled through most smart home assistants, including Google, Alexa and Siri.


Reduce your energy waste

Protect the planet by heating and cooling only when you need it. Ambi controls your home climate more efficiently, reducing energy consumption.


Take care of your comfort

Relax in a comfortable home environment that’s truly right for you. Ambi Climate creates a personalized cooling or warming profile based on your unique needs.


Smart companion to your heating and cooling system

Not only smart, but small, minimalist and stunning. Mount it on your wall or find a discreet place on a shelf. Setup is hassle-free using infrared to communicate with your AC & heat pump, and WiFi and Internet to reach the Ambi Cloud. Works with almost any remote-controlled heat pump or AC.


Best-in-class features at your fingertips

Control is all yours, however you want it. Use the free app from any device, anywhere, anytime. GPS tracking allows your AC & heat pumps to respond as you come and go. In-built sensors abide by your temperature or humidity rules. Voice control interactions save you trouble when your hands are tied – or too settled to move!


World's only Comfort AI Assistant
(optional subscription)

You and your family’s comfort, taken care of. Simply tell Ambi how you feel and it will learn, adapt and balance everyone’s needs automatically. It’s so subtle that when the temperature, humidity or weather change, you won’t feel the difference.

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