Mackie : FreePlay GO
Mackie : FreePlay GO
Mackie : FreePlay GO
Mackie : FreePlay GO
Mackie : FreePlay GO
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Mackie : FreePlay GO

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Description of Mackie : FreePlay GO


Experience the professional sound quality and design that has gone into powerful concert systems around the world in a series of portable Bluetooth® speakers that hold amazing sound above all else. 



From small clubs to huge concerts to karaoke night at the local pub, Mackie is there. 

FreePlay LIVE, FreePlay HOME, and FreePlay GO portable Bluetooth speakers feature powerful, immersive sound tuned by the designers of some of the world’s most beloved and popular professional live sound and recording systems. Their compact, attractive design offers exceptional clarity and high-headroom power you won’t find from most speakers this sleek.

Become part of the performance with FreePlay LIVE – plug in mics, guitars, and more for a seriously fun, and great sounding, karaoke night. For more info on using FreePlay LIVE to enhance your live performance,






For even bigger, stereo sound or immersive multi-room audio, wirelessly link two FreePlay Series speakers together with the push of a button. 


plug in
Charge Your Device 

FreePlay HOME and FreePlay GO are equipped with a standard USB Charge Out port turning it into a portable power bank, so when your phone gets low, just plug in and keep the party going for hours.


FreePlay Connect™ App 

Get easy control over linking options for FreePlay HOME and FreePlay GO right from your iOS or Android  phone. Choose between Stereo or Zone and swap the L and R output. With FreePlay LIVE, you get extensive control over channel levels, EQ, reverb, and more.


Unmatched Clarity

Combining the acoustic design chops of Mackie pro sound engineers, sleek design, and premium components, the FreePlay Series delivers natural, room-filling sound that is faithful to your music.


Dual Passive Radiators

The FreePlay HOME and FreePlay GO utilize a Dual Passive Radiator design that Mackie perfected almost 20 years ago. The result is an extended bass response with much lower distortion than comparable speakers, even at high volume levels.


Looks That Aren't Louder Than Your Music

FreePlay Series speakers look great no matter where you put them. The matte finish enclosure, coated metal grille, and small footprint create a look that you'll want to show off even when it's not in use.



Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming 
  • Connect your device to FreePlay GO™ and enjoy powerful, room-filling sound
  • Built-In Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
  • Up to 15 hours of battery life*
  • Use FreePlay GO as a power bank to charge your phone or tablet
  • Looks That Aren’t Louder Than Your Music
  •  The unobtrusive design features a beautiful matte black molded enclosure and a coated metal grille that looks great anywhere
  • What Other Speakers Want to be When They Grow Up
  • FreePlay GO has been meticulously tuned by our pro audio engineers for clear, powerful sound that faithfully reproduces your music
  • Dual Passive Radiators    
  • Enhanced bass and headroom for bigger, better sound that you can feel

-    Double The Fun

  • Link to a second FreePlay Series speaker for even bigger, clearer sound or split them up for an immersive multi-room listening experience
  • FreePlay Connect™ App
  • Control your multi-speaker configuration right from the app
  • 1/8"  Stereo Aux Input
  • USB Charge Out: 5V / 2.4A
  • Weight: 1.8 lb / 0.8 kg
  • Dimensions: 3.25 x 8.25 x 3 in. / 8.3 x 21 x 7.6 cm

*Battery life will vary depending on volume and music content