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[Pre-order] Playstation 5 Disc Edition (Imported-JP)

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Disc edition : ราคา Pre-Order 26,000 บาท.- สำหรับการชำระเป็นเงินสด 

Digital edition : ราคา Pre-Order 24,500 บาท.- สำหรับการชำระเป็นเงินสด 


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  • สำหรับผู้ที่ชำระด้วยบัตร จะมีการหักค่าธรรมเนียม 5%

  • สำหรับผู้ที่ชำระด้วยเงินสด ทางเราคืนเงินเต็มจำนวน


Experience lightning-fast loading with an ultra-high speed SSD, deeper immersion with support for haptic feedback1, adaptive triggers1 and 3D Audio*, and an all-new generation of incredible PlayStation games.


Adaptive Triggers

Dynamic resistance mimics the tension of interactions with in‑game gear and objects in select PS5™ games.


Haptic Feedback

Responsive vibrations react to your in‑game choices and simulate environmental factors in select PS5 games.


Speak with other players easily.

Start a conversation with the built-in microphone1. Turn it off with a dedicated mute button when you need to focus on your game.


Create and share your greatest moments.

Capture your gameplay and share it with others on PlayStation™ Network or select social media apps.


Explore lifelike environments with Ray Tracing.

Ray Tracing brings new levels of realism with natural shadows and reflections in supported PS5 games.


See vibrant colours.

With an HDR TV, supported PS5 games pop with an unbelievable range of colour


Move through game worlds with incredible realism.

Smooth and fluid high-frame-rate gameplay at up to 120fps for compatible games, with support for 120Hz output on 4K displays.


Experience crisp 4K graphics.

Intricate details come to life with your 4K TV and compatible PS5 games.


Component Specification
CPU x86-64-AMD Ryzen Zen 8 Cores / 16 Threads at 3.5GHz (variable frequency)
GPU Ray Tracing Acceleration
Up to 2.23 GHz (10.3 TFLOPS)
GPU Architecture AMD Radeon RDNA 2-based graphics engine
Memory/Interface 16GB GDDR6/256-bit
Memory Bandwidth 448GB/s
Internal Storage Custom 825GB SSD
IO Throughput 5.5GB/s (Raw), Typical 8-9GB/s (Compressed)
Expandable Storage NVMe SSD Slot
External Storage USB HDD Support
Optical Drive (optional) Ultra HD Blu-ray (66G/100G) ~10xCAV
BD-ROM (25G/50G) ~8xCAV
BD-R/RE (25G/50G) ~8x CAV
DVD ~3.2xCLV
PS5 Game Disc Ultra HD Blu-ray, up to 100GB/disc
Audio "Tempest" 3D AudioTech
Video Out HDMI Out port
Support of 4K 120Hz TVs, VRR (specified by HDMI ver 2.1)
Dimensions PS5 - 390mm x 104mm x 260mm (width x height x depth)
Weight PS5 - 4.5kg
Power PS5 - 350W
Input / Output USB Type-A port (Hi-Speed USB)
USB Type-A port (Super Speed USB 10Gbps) x2
USB Type-C port (Super Speed USB 10Gbps)
Networking Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)
IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax
Bluetooth 5.1


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